Written evidence submitted by MARTIN OEI (LS0002)


As an owner of trading company in the EU, lorry driver shortage in the UK is so annoying for wholesaler and retailer. If the problem cannot be solved before the Christmas, the retailer may miss the golden chance of the first freedom holiday after COVID-19.

Resuming freedom of movement of the EU Citizens is not a good idea under current political atmosphere. I have a good solution try to release some potential source of the lorry and bus drivers. Some of BNO visa holders and British Citizens from Hong Kong are holding HGV licence or double deck bus licence in Hong Kong. The design of Hong Kong highway is similar to the UK highway. The Government can exchange a provisional driver with their valid Hong Kong HGV licence or double deck bus licence.


The driver should satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Holding valid Hong Kong HGV licence or double deck bus licence.
  2. They passed the body check as a professional driver
  3. The licence is only good to 1 January 2024.
  4. The provisional licence holder must pass the CPC examination before 1 January 2024.
  5. Cross border driving is not allowed unless EU grants the permission to the holder for cross border works.
  6. Their licence is NOT valid in Northern Ireland due to Northern Ireland Protocol.