Written evidence submitted by Francisco Martinez (AAD0001)

Hi, my name is Francisco.  Straight to the point I will say that the end of the furlough scheme will be a disaster for the aviation industry because we have been one of the most affected, we are far from recovered in any meaningful way and there are thousands of us in that scheme.

In fact, my company, BA, are trying to make us go to work when our stress levels are extremely high, they are trying to get rid of us using any method available to them because they cannot afford (or that’s what they say) to even maintain us on our basic salary.

The level of sickness in the company has reached extraordinary and never heard of levels, people are leaving without even another job to fall on, situations in many families are desperate.

And this is only one company, I dread to thing what might be happening all along the country and other companies too.

If the furlough scheme were to continue, it would help all these thousands to have a certain peace of mind, there would be less people unemployed, and the aviation industry would have some kind of reprieve to continue recovering as the pandemic improves hopefully.

I could go on and on and give many concrete examples, but unfortunately this has to be short and concise.

Thanks very much!


September 2021