Written evidence submitted by T. Soanes and Son (Poultry) Ltd 9 (LS0001)



We invited Graham Stuart MP to site to open the training centre but we took the decision to close the day he came. He lectured us on becoming too  reliant on ‘cheap foreign’ labour. I reminded him that NMW is NMW no matter what nationality you are. He changed tack to say we should have been investing in productivity. I asked why then had we received £1.1m in EU money to create rural jobs?

It is clear government policy is out of step with government actions. The are no grants for productivity.

We have cancelled the next round of investment because we are losing money so rapidly we will not have enough to see this through unless something changes and soon.

The maths for East Riding of Yorkshire are quite simple (as they were nationally when the remain campaign failed to highlight them) The are more vacancies than unemployed British nationals assuming the government recognises the academics view that effective full employment is 97%


In East Yorkshire

3.4% unemployed

Less the 3% effective full employment figure

= 0.4% of the economically active population

Economically active population is East Yorks 158,000 people so available unemployed = 632 people, probably all with no transport. Take out those that physically unable to do manual labour and those that don’t want to work, net effective zero.