Written evidence from Bristol Women’s Commission [MEW0058]


Established in 2013, Bristol Women’s Commission brings together representatives from all key agencies across the city, working in partnership to identify and address issues that impact women and girls. An independent body, Bristol Women’s Commission works closely with Bristol Women’s Voice, Bristol City Council and Bristol One City.

Bristol Women’s Commission has five dedicated task groups: Women’s Health, Women’s Safety, Women in Business, Women and the Economy, and Women and Girls’ Education. Each task group is chaired by a commissioner and has a mix of academics, experts and women working in the field.

Bristol Women’s Commission has been working for several years to influence employment policy around the menopause in Bristol.

Responding to a lack of information about the menopause, we set up a city-wide collaborative working group with other organisations to develop guidance and advocate for menopause policies.

In partnership with University of Bristol and Bristol City Council, we ran ‘Our Menopauses… the Great Menopause Event’ in November 2017 which invited clinicians, researchers, and women to share their experiences of the menopause and to challenge the stigma and silence surrounding it. Bristol Women’s Commission have been working to share best practice and support employers in Bristol to develop robust menopause policies ever since.

Bristol Women’s Commission have been supported in this work by our sister organisation, Bristol Women’s Voice, who have run menopause workshops and worked with communities to understand women’s lived experiences of the menopause and the type of support they require at work.

We felt compelled to respond to this government call for evidence and share our expertise and advice on developing menopause policies for the workplace.

Bristol Women’s Commission is responding to the question: How can businesses factor in the needs of employees going through the menopause?

Based on our research with working women experiencing the menopause, Bristol Women’s Commission strongly argues for menopause policies to be developed and adopted by all employers.

In combination with menopause policies, we advocate for mandatory training for managers and awareness raising sessions for all employees about menopause and the workplace.

When developing guidance for how employers can implement robust menopause policies, the following areas should be considered and included:


September 2021