Written evidence from Network Rail (ASB0015)


Network Rail is generally very good in the management of asbestos, unfortunately a small minority of contractors installing new equipment in buildings/rooms with asbestos present, fail to take adequate precautions when drilling asbestos floor tiles or disturbing dust potentially containing asbestos in ducts & troughing routes. There appears to be a “Get the job done as quick as possible” attitude surrounding some people and these people are a danger to themselves and others who work in or visit the buildings/rooms where the asbestos disturbance has taken place.

I have had several buildings & rooms shut down on numerous occasions, to have air monitoring & swipe samples taken to determine the potential severity of the asbestos disturbance!

Occasionally there are some rooms, which are rarely visited, where asbestos floor tiles are present that have deteriorated and/or broken up. Asbestos removal contractors are called in to deal with the safe disposal of the materials and provide air & swipe samples to determine the extent of disturbance.


September 2021