Written evidence from Mr Fran├žois Pascal (NBB0032)

I, Pascal Francois who lives in Mauritius. I am a British citizen of the Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT_Chagossian) by descent through my great-grandmother Miss Suzette Sakir, great-grandfather Mr. Onelzin Mandarin, grandmother Miss Marie Elvanier Mandarin, who were born and lived there before their deportation in 1972.

My mother Miss Marjorie Mandarin was exiled from Agalega to Mauritius, she met my father who died when I was born, she recognised me as Pascal Mandarin. Later, she met my father-in-law in whom she had hope for a better family life. They had three children together. In 1994 my father-in-law recognised me as his son, Pascal Francois.

In December 2010, in accordance with the British Nationality Act 1948, my mother obtained the right to be declared a British citizen by descent. Since then she has lived in England, but unfortunately her children have not had this legitimate right. She had to work hard to get her children, she could only get my two brothers in 2012. Now they have their papers (Permanent Residence) in order but not the right to nationality according to the law in force.

Now she has stabilised her life, found a decent job, has her own flat and a peaceful life. Except that I am very sad to be separated from her. She is exhausted from years of talking and seeing her grandchildren by phone. My brother has recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and has received treatment, but it is difficult to see a mother crying because she has no one to support her psychologically.

For me, the economic structure of Mauritius and also the cost of obtaining a British passport, costs us over $3000, while I have this right by descent.

In the New Immigration Plan, the British government wants to remedy the unjustified discrimination of the British Nationality Act which could give us our legitimate right by descent to British nationality and the reunification of our families who are in England and who are considered British.

This bill is in line with the European Convention on Human Rights, it will allow human exile to a safe country like the UK. Especially for children who in some countries are prey to oppression and extremists who invade for their power.I have always known that the British can repair this suffering because they are first and foremost human.

This bill will open a door for refugees who have hope for a better life. They will know the peace that even in their own country they do not have.

The world must change, but it starts at home.

Thank you to give us to write call of evidence.