Written evidence submitted by Aviva (OSB0042)


About Aviva PLC

Aviva is an international insurance and long-term savings business, which provides life insurance, general insurance, health insurance and asset management services to over fifteen million customers worldwide. Here in the UK, we are the market leading insurance business, serving one in every four households. We help more than five million people with their retirement needs, and meet the pension requirements of more than 20,000 companies, ranging from large multinationals to small start-ups.

Aviva supports towns and communities across the whole country by employing 15,000individuals in high-skilled careers, the majority of which are outside London in regional centres such as Norwich, York, Bristol, Sheffield, and Perth. We have also invested over £15 billion in UK social infrastructure over the last ten years, and have plans in place to invest a further £10 billion over next three years.

Aviva’s Response

In line with the Committee’s expectations, we have not addressed all questions posed. Instead, we have focused on those questions most relevant to financial harms, which is a matter of great concern to Aviva and our customers. We welcome this opportunity to contribute to the Committee’s inquiry.


Q. Will the proposed legislation effectively deliver the policy aim of making the UK the safest place to be online?

Q. Does the draft Bill make adequate provisions for people who are more likely to experience harm online or who may be more vulnerable to exploitation?

Content in Scope

Q. The draft Bill specifically includes CSEA and terrorism content and activity as priority illegal content. Are there other types of illegal content that could or should be prioritised in the Bill?

Q. Are there any types of content omitted from the scope of the Bill that you consider significant e.g. commercial pornography or the promotion of financial scams? How should they be covered if so?

Aviva PLC

September 2021



17 September 2021




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