Written evidence from Mrs Dorothy Helen Giacomin [MEW0028]


I have not been subject to actual discrimination, but my previous workplace was not a good working environment for menopause symptoms.  The room got very warm in the afternoons and the window had sun coming through it; the fans were not adequate and I had to bring my own large fan in.  However, the Ladies’ toilet was large and very nearby, meaning I would rush off there on having a hot flush to strip off and splash myself with cold water!  This obviously interrupted my work a lot.

I think legislation to limit workplace temperatures and provide good ventilation, including powerful enough fans, and having a Ladies’ toilet on every floor with enough space to undress and enough ventilation to cool off, would help a lot to enable people to more effectively work through menopause symptoms.

I now work at home and have a north-east facing window and large fan next to me, which are quite effective for cooling down, meaning I can continue working.  The toilet is also directly opposite.

For symptoms of tiredness / feeling drained, which I also sometimes suffer from, a room with a bed or large sofa to lie on where you won’t be disturbed would also be helpful in every workplace.

September 2021