Written evidence from Anonymous (NBB0024)


To whom it may concern,

As an individual who is currently trying to get my british passport as a BIOT.  The reason for my needs and demands in the passport is mostly for the future of my kids especially for my disable son. England is known to have the best education, better living state and technology that would be able to help my son in the slightest. I personally don’t see much of a great future for my young generation in Mauritius. The living expense is more than affordable, you work more than what you get paid for. The financials in general is unaffordable, especially for someone who is self employed and is the only one working it gets really hard because everything is so expensive, all I’m respectfully asking is that the British government allows me to provide and better and stress free lives for my children, all I’m demanding is for the British government to allow me to give that to them. This is My reason for wanting a passport. I would also like to contribute in England’s future if I ever had the chance too, to help people that are in need. My expectations is that hopefully I get the chance to help my kids with their future. It’s honestly all for the younger generation as well as Britain’s.