Written evidence submitted by BT Group




DCMS Sub Committee Call for Evidence on Online Safety and Online Harms  

Written Evidence from BT Group 


BT Group 



Key Messages 



Online safety 



BT commissioned research on online harms 


Draw The Line and Hope United  



BT response to Inquiry questions: 


How has the shifting focus between ‘online harms’ and ‘online safety’ influenced the development of the new regime and draft Bill? 



Is it necessary to have an explicit definition and process for determining harm to children and adults in the Online Safety Bill, and what should it be? 





Does the draft Bill focus enough on the ways tech companies could be encouraged to consider safety and/or the risk of harm in platform design and the systems and processes that they put in place? 





What are the key omissions to the draft Bill, such as a general safety duty or powers to deal with urgent security threats, and (how) could they be practically included without compromising rights such as freedom of expression? 

  1.                 the infringement of intellectual property rights; 
  1.                the safety or quality of goods; and  
  1.                 the performance of a service by a person not qualified to perform it. 





Are there any contested inclusions, tensions or contradictions in the draft Bill that need to be more carefully considered before the final Bill is put to Parliament? 





What are the lessons that the Government should learn when directly comparing the draft Bill to existing and proposed legislation around the world? 



















Annex follows:




How BT is working to make the internet a safer place


BT Group (BT, EE and Plusnet) offers fixed, mobile, and public wi-fi connectivity; mobile phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices; and online TV content via set top boxes.    We do not offer products and services directly to children, but children may access and use our products and services for example via his/her parent.


We are working to make the internet a safer place for children by offering free technology tools, supporting online safety education and awareness, and working in partnership with charities, government, and others.  Further information is provided below.   



Preventing access to inappropriate and illegal content


Parental Controls


Child sexual abuse (CSA) images



Supporting education and awareness