Written evidence from the LGBT Foundation[1] (TEB 26)

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

The Elections Bill inquiry


We are specifically responding to provisions on voter ID in relation to the bill. As per the summary released by the Government, the new bill will make it mandatory for voters to “show an approved form of photographic identification before collecting their ballot paper” as a means of tackling the potential risk of election fraud. We wish to challenge this measure based on the following evidence:






We strongly urge the Government to reconsider the proposed Elections Bill as it is undermining voter rights and will inevitably cause widespread disenfranchisement for minority communities. We wish to draw attention to the dedicated information base collected by the Electoral Reform Society available online as further proof of why this bill is harmful and an attack on democratic freedoms.



August 2021

[1] We are a national organisation headquartered in the Greater Manchester area, working to advocate for, support, and amplify the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. We directly provide services to over 40,000 people annually as well as offering online advice to over 600,000 people, which gives us the largest reach of any organisation working in the sector.