Mr Dermot Barnes                            MPZ0022

Written evidence from Mr Dermot Barnes



Executive Summary


  1. Supervised by Professor Paul Ekins at the Institute for Sustainable Resources at UCL Bartlett, I am as a mature student, due on 2/9, to submit an MSc dissertation provisionally entitled; Net-zero; an exploration of understanding, capacities and the resources necessary to deliver zero carbon retrofit and heat decarbonisation at local Government level in the UK.


  1. The study employs empirical research gathered from a selection of Local Authority Councillors and Officers working in energy/climate/sustainability roles and combines this knowledge with a wide review of relevant literature and is informed by the experience of a reflexive practitioner currently working with BEIS, LGA, GLA and others to deliver one of the UK’s largest social-housing retrofit programmes to date.


  1. The research objectives are:

a)      Establish and map zero carbon ambitions and delivery capacity in retrofit amongst those active in the retrofit space.

b)      Establish policy and capacity misalignments between national and local Government through literature review of previous retrofit initiatives and through primary research gathering via Councillor and Officer interviews/surveys.

c)      Present policy suggestions as to what is necessary to deliver zero-carbon retrofit at the necessary scale.


  1. Many of the preliminary findings can provide useful information in support of the questions this Audit Committee seeks to explore. Results cannot be published until after 2/9 but I would be happy to submit oral or written evidence after that time.


Personal Profile

Acting Sustainability Lead and Retrofit Manager with more than 20 years energy efficient built-environment commercial, technical and project management experience. Currently completing an MSc in Sustainable Resources, Economy, Policy and Transitions from UCL Bartlett. Founder and Chair of an award-winning Community Energy Company.


I have considerable experience in design and delivery of thermal envelope and renewable energy systems, delivering 700+ sustainable construction projects for public and private sector clients.


I am currently working within the Local Government housing sector and collaborating with local, regional and national government to deliver one of the UK’s largest Social Housing zero carbon retrofit projects to date, whilst developing zero carbon strategy.


August 2021