Joyce Graham                            MPZ0015

Written evidence from Joyce Graham


Councils and Net Zero Carbon.

Having an unnecessary, ever more costly and planet devastating HS2 railway being railroaded through our county, one would hope that my council’s resident ecologist, if it employed one, would be on the case to stop this project in its tracks.


Net Zero Carbon target dates that go beyond the working life of the present policy makers (who, by then will be happily retired with their healthy/wealthy pensions, well away from the devastation) are talked about, even signed up to but policies and actions do not back up the talk (by Government or councils).  Monies given to councils towards net zero should be ring fenced and not allowed to be usurped for other projects or staff pay rises.


All government (local or national) should be ecology led as humans are killing the whole basis on which we need for survival.   All impacts of how the decisions affect the environment must be considered, even being critical as not to ‘Green’ ideas that are not green (not fall into the ‘greening’ trap).  If humans do not put the planets needs before their own (for comfort, recreation or profit) we are doomed anyway.  Government should support all businesses to become green but not by ‘greening’.  Some occupations should be outlawed because they impact the environment in a selfish way… councils will need to make unpopular but well informed decisions to say no to high carbon creating work so they need ‘teeth’ (law/officials) to be able to do this and not overridden by ‘above’


There has been much ‘talk’ about planting many trees but in my locality more have been cut down than planted!!  Government are not engaged in steps (action) toward net zero yet so how can they relate to local councils?  I have wanted to plant trees locally, even paying for them myself, but I have found it impossible to contact the person to give me permission so what hope is there?


Solar panels are no longer subsidised to encourage more, natural energy production.  Hydrogen production is greening because it will create a water shortage through its production and the privatised, profiteering, non-reinvestment, water companies owned 72% by foreign investors will raise the cost of water to the public.   Electric cars will not save the planet as the mining for rare minerals and elements for the batteries, which will themselves become tomorrows ‘plastic’ (rubbish), will devastate the planet, particularly in the countries that have no safety laws so councils should not encourage the whole of our towns, etc., to be dug up to put ugly car charging points all over the place.   Public transport (not privatised) should be bettered so that more people chose to not drive (stop wasting the ever rising cost of HS2 that will benefit a few!!!!).


Local groups will plant trees, if allowed.   Local groups can continue to support the shut ins and vulnerable.  Local groups can continue to drive others to appointments, shops, etc but government dithering discourages us all nor encourage us to expect the government (local or otherwise) to actually stop the talk and get on with putting the planet before profit or their pay packets (David Cameron ‘doing nothing unlawful’ recently doesn’t help any cause or feeling that ‘Lord Botham’ is the best we can offer Australia on any level!!!)   Stop the rot (jaw, jaw) and do the job!!!

August 2021