Written evidence submitted by Jacqueline McMenamin [MEW0015]


Dear Commission,

                               I would like to add to the discussion about inequality in the workplace and the impact of the menopause. Nowhere is this more acutely felt than in nursing. As a female lead profession, the number of nurses leaving work during menopause is significant. In both my own case ( I’m now 57) and my sister (51), the menopause caused or careers to halt.
In my case it came at a time when cuts to social care provision meant that I had to become my disabled adult sons carer. In my sisters case, she could not look after our parents and work full time.
In both cases we got no support from our managers. I was bullied into resigning. My sister had to take sick leave as she was refused carers leave. She has now transferred to become an agency nurse.
I hope that the legislation changes and that women in future have more equality within the workforce. It’s too late for me unfortunately.

August 2021