Written evidence from Jill Green (TEB 07)

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

The Elections Bill inquiry


  1. Provisions on voter ID

There is no evidence about voter fraud to justify such action.

It makes voting a much more complex matter which will undoubtedly reduce voting to wealthier (people working in zero hours contract jobs or the gig economy or indeed who work in very busy jobs such as the NHS or Private care or indeed who are responsible home carers) are extremely unlikely to be able to afford the time away from their work that registering to vote would require. There is a clear POLITICAL motive for this. This makes it a disaster for democracy

  1. The Electoral Commission

It remains VITAL that this body continues to be able to carry out its work independently of ANY government interference.

  1. The right to vote anonymously

To avoid undue influence and electoral intimidation it is important that people who wish/need to vote anonymously to ensure their safety should be able to do so

  1. Repealing the Fixed Term Parliaments Act

means that Prime Ministers may call elections whenever they choose, giving themselves, but no other party or group, time to prepare. This could pave the way for dictatorship.


  1. On local branch campaigning

This would hamper people wishing to work collectively and across party boundaries and is no doubt designed to prevent this happening in order to keep a ruling party in power indefinitely.


August 2021