The Social Market Foundation-Written evidence (ONZ0018)


About the Social Market Foundation

The Social Market Foundation (SMF) is Britain’s leading cross-party think-tank, standing proudly in the centre-ground of politics since 1989. The Foundation’s main activity is to publish original papers on key topics in the economic and social fields, with a view to stimulating public discussion on the performance of markets and the social framework within which they operate. The SMF is a registered charity (1000971) and a company limited by guarantee. It is independent of any political party or group and is funded predominantly through sponsorship of research and public policy debates. The SMF is overseen by a Board of Trustees and Chair.

About this evidence

This evidence contains research and survey data from a 2021 Social Market Foundation report on building consumer trust in Net Zero, with a specific focus on the energy market. A full copy of the report is available upon request.


Q1: What role should Ofgem play in the transition to net zero? What changes, if any, should be made to its remit, responsibilities and resources?

1. Reforms to green energy tariff accreditation scheme

2. Considering whether Ofgem’s remit should cover intermediaries 


Reforms to the green energy tariff accreditation scheme

Assessing the role of intermediaries in the energy market

Q6: Is the current system of governance for the UK energy market appropriate to secure the transition to zero? What improvements could be made and what role should Ofgem play?







[1] Polling commissioned by the SMF from Opinium in early 2020. Whilst this survey was conducted prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, we do not believe that the pandemic will have had a statistically significant impact on the results.





[v] CMA (2021) Draft guidance on environmental claims on goods and services,

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20 August 2021