Written Evidence submitted by Peter Calliafas (PW0001)


  1. Background Context:

The growth in global plastics (million metric tonnes) has been significant since 1950. In 1950, it was 1.5, and in 2020, it was 367 (up from 288 in 2012). This is a helpful website link for the purposes of this background context[1]:


The key question arising from this is this: what have all the various international agreements, policy initiatives (prevention, reuse, recycling) actually achieved in curbing the growth in global plastics?

  1. The failures in recycling:



  1. Datasets:



  1. Plastic Waste Offsetting:



  1. New Markets:



  1. Overseas Exports:





  1. Packaging Recovery Note (PRN):



  1. National Materials Database:



August 2021









[1] I have no involvement or association here. Information sourced from a web search.

[2] I am familiar with this company, having been involved with them in the past.