Written evidence from Spring Road Evangelical Church Southampton [HAB0320]


We are a Christian church in the East of Southampton. From our experience of counselling and conducting the wedding services of many individuals over the years, we have seen the great stability and help that marriage has conferred on many relationships.


We would see the proposals to give cohabiting couples the same rights as those who are married as being of great detriment to society.


We are organising the wedding of a couple at this very moment who have lived together for 15 years and have 4 children. They now wish to be married, because they can see that this is best for their family and want the stability that marriage brings for both themselves and their children. 


Our conviction is that marriage confers greater stability on a relationship than does co-habitation, with far less separation between those who marry.


The lifelong commitment made in marriage should be honoured and acknowledged as being something very praiseworthy. These proposals would undermine this commitment. The Government should be raising awareness of the many and marked social and health benefits of marriage and not seeking to undermine it further.


July 2021