Written evidence from Sir Michael Wood (SIT 11)

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

The Scrutiny of International Treaties and other international agreements in the 21st century inquiry



  1. In paragraph 23 of my written evidence of 7 June 2021, I stated that “[a]t its current session, the UN International Law Commission is expected to adopt on second (and final) reading a Guide to Provisional Application of Treaties.”


  1. As anticipated, in August 2021 the International Law Commission adopted the Guide to Provisional Application of Treaties on second and final reading.[1] The Guide comprises 12 draft guidelines, with commentaries, as well as an annex giving examples of provisions on provisional application of treaties. The Commission has submitted the Guide to the UN General Assembly.


  1. The references to draft guidelines 6 and 9 at footnotes 15 and 16 of my evidence of 7 June 2021 apply equally to draft guidelines 6 and 9 as finally adopted, which remained unchanged.



August 2021




[1] Chapter V of the annual report of the International Law Commission to the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN doc. A/76/10), an advance unofficial English version of which is available at  https://legal.un.org/docs/?path=../ilc/reports/2021/english/a_76_10_advance.pdf&lang=E