Written evidence submitted by Thomas Aldridge [HAB267]



The marriage of a man and a woman for the purpose of raising a family has been routine practice throughout the world for thousands of years from biological necessity. It provides children with the stability, love and support they need to grow to confident achieving adults and is essential for healthy societies. An American sociologist, David Popenoe, has published a book, “Life Without Father. Compelling evidence that fatherhood and marriage are indispensable for the good of children and society”. I commend it to this Committee as essential reading.


There was a time when the Tory Party supported traditional marriage. However now we have discovered, in spite of biological evidence to the contrary, that men and women have identical abilities and some biologically unlikely equalities elsewhere, we already have two more types of sexual partnership. Same-sex partnerships, by definition, cannot produce children and reduce the pool of sexually reproductive couples. These and civil partnerships undermine traditional marriage and therefore damage children.


There are warring gangs of youths on the streets of all our towns and cities yet Britain was once unique as being an industrial country without a violent underclass. This year we already have record numbers of young men who have died in gang fights. A bit of joined up thinking would be advisable before we further tamper with our marriage laws. Not only do we have endemic family breakdown and the street fights already mentioned, we are under-reproducing by about one third below replacement levels. That halves population every two generations. Those are the consequences of our English self-hatred and social engineering.


With respect this Committee should be very concerned with the welfare of children and the health of our society generally but not attempting the clandestine redistribution of property.


July 2021