Written evidence from the Welsh Parliament[1] (SIT 09)

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee

The Scrutiny of International Treaties and other international agreements in the 21st century inquiry



I submit this letter on behalf of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament), as evidence to the committee’s inquiry into the scrutiny of international treaties and other international agreements. In particular it focuses on a question in the inquiry’s terms of reference as to the role of devolved legislatures in relation to international treaties and arrangements.

This is not a matter which has been debated by the Sixth Senedd to date. However, in December 2019 the Fifth Senedd’s External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee published a report[2] of its inquiry on ‘UK international agreements after Brexit: A role for the Assembly.’ You may find the Committee’s report helpful in your inquiry.       

You may also be interested in the oral evidence[3] given by the former Chair of the Senedd’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee (Mick Antoniw MS) to the House of Lords Constitution Committee in November 2018, as part of its inquiry into Parliamentary Scrutiny of Treaties. Some of the evidence provided by Mr Antoniw is quoted in the Constitution Committee’s report[4].

I hope this information is useful to the committee’s inquiry.

June 2021


[1] Submitted by Elin Jones MS/AS, Llywydd / Presiding Officer

[2] https://senedd.wales/laid%20documents/cr-ld12935/cr-ld12935%20-e.pdf

[3] http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/committeeevidence.svc/evidencedocument/constitution-committee/parliamentary-scrutiny-of-treaties/oral/93704.pdf

[4] https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201719/ldselect/ldconst/345/345.pdf