Written evidence from Mr Eifion Dafydd [HAB0253]


The proposal, on first encounter, is strange and seems against normal logic or common sense.  If we look at marriage as a contract, then the proposal, enacted, would result in a contract being formed even though both parties being contracted are not consenting to do so!


Is the proposal the same as saying you are married if you cohabit?


Would I be able to have an agreement (contract) with my cohabitee to avoid legislative requirements imposed by the proposal?


To address the root need of your proposal I would suggest:


1              Repealing anti-marriage laws recently enacted in the field of divorce etc.

2              Strengthen marriage law by tax incentives and other advantages.

3              Legislate media to promote marriage.

4              Promote married couples throughout society.  For a start, how about MPs standing as a couple for each constituency! 


The proposal would need legislation requiring registration of cohabitees (not otherwise married) such that the state can be clear about the nature of the relationship.     


June 2021