Written evidence from Mr Alan Meyer [HAB0250]


I am writing in response to your call for evidence on cohabitation rights as someone who has witnessed the relentless attacks on the institution of marriage over many decades which unsurprisingly, has led to an increasingly fragmented society. I would like to make the following points.


I understand that parental separation is far higher for cohabitation than for marriage. Over half of children of cohabiting parents will experience their parentsseparation by the age of five. This is only 15 per cent for children of married parents. Family breakdown costs society billions of pounds each year. It has also been pointed out that marriage benefits both physical and mental health. Smoking and drug use is lower in married women than those cohabiting, and married men have better heart health and cancer survival rates.


Creating an additional relationship status will only undermine marriage and create confusion -  besides being entirely unnecessary. I do not believe there are any legal difficulties that cannot be addressed through existing provisions.


June 2021