Written evidence from Charles Geach [HAB0231]


I am writing in response to the call for evidence on the rights of co-habiting unmarried couples


The main problem with trying to confer any rights at all on co-habiting couples seems to be the definition. Many couples live together for shorter or longer periods: at what point would it be appropriate to confer such rights? A year? Two years?  Or should the advent of children be a catalyst for this change?


There are already so many different legal formats which co-habiting coups have recourse to: surely if they are unwilling to accept the very low levels required for some of these, I cannot see why any new rights should be conferred at all.


If these rights are conferred, at what point should they be withdrawn?


The whole idea seems absurd to me, and largely based on an attack on the general institution of marriage, which has been repeatedly shown to be the most stable background for raising our future: our children, in matters such as prevalence of drink and drug misuse, unemployment, domestic abuse and poverty


July 2021