Written evidence from Mr Martin Brunning [HAB0214]




Extending benefits to co-habiting couples would:


         Further undermine the reasons for getting Married or Entering a Civil Partnership

         Married couples are the most likely to stay together and form a stable family basis for bringing up children

         Administering a system recognising co-habiting couples would be administratively difficult and open to fraud

         Keeping track of changes (who's living with who) would be administratively difficult and costly

         There is NO good reason to include co-habiting couples, we need stable relationships for a healthy society, encourage Marriage or Civil Partnerships

         People should be encouraged to be Responsible, not Casual about relationships, and show Commitment by Marrying or entering a Civil Partnership

         We should not pander to everyone to believe the State will look after everything for them, this tends to remove Personal Responsibility and you get Dependency and ever increasing demands on the State.

         We heard 2 young single Mum's about 16 to 18 on a bus discussing their housing with the attitude, go to the Council and demand etc.

         Responsibility, Responsibility, Responsibility, not Give, Give, Give


July 2021