Written evidence from Mr Roland Barklem [HAB0210]


Answering the question, Should cohabiting partners have the same rights as those who are married or in a Civil Partnership?



I am responding as a parent and grandparent.

I have four grown-up children of which two are married, are very successful in their careers, and two who saw no reason to be married but did so eventually but were later divorced, twice who is now cohabiting, leaving two single parents.


   Answer to the question.

I think the law should be unchanged to indicate the benefits of couples being married.

  1. Parental separation is over 3 times greater with cohabiting parents than for married couples.
  2. Married couples make a clear commitment to each other which creates a greater sense of responsibility towards both the spouse and the children and towards the children’s upbringing and consequently to the community.
  3. The legal concerns that have been put forward for inheritance with cohabiting parents can be readily overcome by making a Will. 

June 2021