Written evidence from Ms McGrail [HAB0208]


1.1 As a previously married, now divorced woman, whose husband treated the sanctity of marriage as a joke, it is with deep regret that I find the government is again proposing to fiddle with elements of social engineering that it has no right to, by reinforcing their message to all and sundry that marriage doesn’t matter that much anyway.

1.2 The government’s primary function should be putting more effort into ensuring couples enter into the solemnity of marriage adequately prepared and supported, not undermining one of the fundamental building blocks of a healthy and vigorous society.

1.3 All data supports this assertion.

1.4 The government’s job should be the promotion of child-producing married family units that represent and teach children all that is good about belonging to the wider community - identifiable, close-knit, loving, sharing, open, hospitable; it is a wise parent who teaches children the intangibles of decent personhood, creating a secure sense of structure by educating him or her about beliefs and values.

1.5 Unfortunately, wise parenthood is being imperceptively lost as the government fails in its task to support and encourage them through appropriate education and legislation.


2.1 Stable families are the life blood of a stable society.

2.2 The consequences of each interference by unqualified governments unravels the fabric of this society and has encouraged the destabilised family life - ergo, societal vigour & stability.

2.3 The public nature of the marriage commitment, when recognised seriously and promoted adequately, offers a special legal status to couples unlike any other. 

2.4 The government should be spending its time, talents and resources in promoting the uniqueness of the marriage bond, not loosening it.

2.5 To loosen still further the solemn and binding nature of the marriage vows, makes a mockery of the whole institution and with these ill-conceived marriage-lite/flight plans,

the government is on course to turn something cherished into a non-entity.


3.1 Why is this government so determined to race our society to the bottom of the barrel?

Why not simply do away with marriage & its legal standing & benefits? - it seems ridiculous to have a special status relationship with no special status at all cheek by jowl with co-habiting - they will be exactly the same thing called different names.

Does that not strike anyone as ludicrous?

3.2 Those who abhor &/or reject the concept and practicalities of marriage have every right to do so but to give it the same status as full participation in the uniqueness of the legal definition of marriage is undermining to those who take such a commitment seriously.

3.3 If co-habiting couples are jealous of the special legal status of marriage; if co-habiting couples resent the off-spring and/or the inheritance issues..get married. Make a will.

The institution of marriage doesn’t have to be mangled in order to accommodate them.

Yet another cherished institution mangled at the altar of the vociferous few by the blind intelligentsia.




June 2021