Written evidence from Mr James Cross [HAB0196]


I am writing as an individual who is concerned that the UK government is further disregarding the multitude of hard evidence surrounding real marriage including that of it’s own think tank, the Centre for Social Justice.

I strongly believe that marriage (as opposed to cohabitation), encourages a commitment through a the covenant made between a man and a woman when they marry, that has a statistically proven benefit to the health and well-being of the individuals concerned, any children involved, the economy and society as a whole. That is why marriage has particular legal status.

My concern is that what is being done here, is nothing short of an attack on the marriage institution that will add to the societal collapse we are already experiencing In the UK.

If you look at the evidence, over half of cohabiting couples separate by the time their children turn five in caparison to 15% of married parents.

You may argue that this is because fewer people are getting married but there is an enormous amount of evidence to support the positive effect marriage has on the family.

Shouldn’t the government be doing more to encourage and promote marriage over less stable relationships? Family breakdown already costs the UK tax payer over £50 billion annually so I my view, the the most stable relationships should be promoted in an effort to reduce this burden.

I think that the issues faced by cohabiting couples are being over played and could be dealt with in other ways without a change to the law. Inheritance issues, for example, can be addressed through a will.

I also have concerns regarding how exactly cohabitation will be defined.

Housemates and lodgers could quite easily claim cohabitation rights over your property so how would the law make a distinction between lodgers and partners?

I would urge the government to think through the implications very carefully before introducing law’s that seriously undermine society and open up the vulnerable to exploitation.


June 2021