Written evidence from Dr Charles Soper [HAB0195]


This is a special kind of madness, to undermine the currency of marriage and to treat cohabitation as though it were marriage.


Cohabitation is much more likely to result in break up and lone parenting, the outcomes from this are far worse for the children and the partners for a variety of parameters as the Health Trends stats show.


To try to recognise a casual relationship, which may have no more significance to one partner than a brief friendship and render it equivalent to lifelong vows of fidelity and purity is societal suicide. It will be costly, unwise and damaging to those who continue without commitment and ultimately massively more costly to the taxpayer who already picks up an enormous bill for the fruits of broken families, broken children and broken lives. I see this daily in my ward service, in overdoses, depression, the fruits of delinquency and substance addiction from family breakdown. What was not common 20 years ago is becoming commonplace as a result of foolish government policy and dangerous societal changes. Why are you encouraging this folly?! You should be protecting and incentivising marriage not vandalising a holy institution, by diluting and demeaning it.


Airline engineers are prosecuted for wilful neglect if their advice is incompetent and leads to harm, How much more with the lives of the partners and children! It is sheer sin to push this forward and it will bring severe punishment in its wake first to its architects, second to its victims.


June 2021