Written evidence from Dr Edmund Plummer [HAB0186]


I am a concerned individual.

I am opposed to this legislation.  It will further discourage people from forming long term relationships.  They will shy away from them if there are long term costs that they have no control over.  Long term relationships are known to lead to better mental and physical health, and are proven to be the best environment for raising children.  The best long term relationship is marriage, as is well known.

Turning now to the specific questions:


As stated above, I am opposed to the legislation.  If, nevertheless, it does proceed, a definition will be needed to give any degree of certainty.  It should be “marriage or civil partnership, or an equivalent mutually recognised relationship”.  The mutually recognised bit is vital.

I do not believe that any are needed.  If people choose not to marry or go into a civil partnership, they do so in order to avoid the consequences of these, and their choice should be recognised.


Both parents should have a financial and legal responsibility towards their children.  If the existing law provides for this (and I think that it does) then no changes are needed

No.  As noted above, they have chosen not to avail themselves of these rights, usually so as to avoid the equivalent responsibilities and costs.

None that I am aware of.


June 2021