Written evidence from Mr Brian McDonald [HAB0183]


Marriage involves a public commitment and promotes stability for society and for the upbringing of children.


Marriage benefits physical and mental health.


Marriage brings adhesion to society and to a nation. Undermining marriage can only result in harm for our nation.


Marriage is undermined if the same legal rights are given to those who have freely chosen not to be publicly committed to each other.


Giving legal rights to co-habitees will encourage co-habitation, which is inherently unstable and so will escalate more family breakdown in society, which I understand is already costing the public purse billions of pounds every year.


If people freely choose not to marry and not to commit to each other, it seems wrong to treat them the same as those couples who have made a commitment and choose to be married.


Creating another additional relationship status is completely un-necessary. Couples either choose to get married or not. Extending rights to an extra “cohabiting” group undermines marriage and only creates confusion.


The Government should promote marriage instead of finding ways to bypass it. 


June 2021