Written evidence submitted by Mr Richard Hellawell [HAB0178]


My name is RIchard Hellawell. I am a private individual concerned about further proposals designed to undermine marriage.


The objective of public policy towards marriage should be to support marriage above any other arrangement. This is both to protect children, promote stability between couples by encouraging them to engage in lifelong commitment and to protect the public finances.


Giving legal rights to cohabitees will encourage cohabitation which is an unstable relationship leading to further family breakdown.


Government policy should be clear: it should promote marriage. It should discourage cohabitation.


Marriage equals stability. Cohabitation equals instability.


Assisting cohabitees by these proposals will


  1. Cause needless further suffering to children by promoting unstable cohabitation
  2. Promote unstable cohabitation instead of stable marriage
  3. Lead to further calls on public finances as a result


June 2021