Written evidence from Mr Rodney Cook [HAB0162]

I have been married for over 40 years and have four grown up children who have all married and have responsible jobs. 

Although we understand that some people do not wish to commit to marriage and instead cohabit it is nevertheless the fact that marriage and the family has been the focal point of a stable society for many, many years.

Over the years, and even recently, research has been published showing the importance of marriage for society. Research has shown time and time again that children from stable homes, where they had a married mother and father, generally perform better in their education, in relationships and are less likely to be involved in crime. Social scientists have long known that the offspring of married couples have significant, lifelong advantages including better mental and physical health, higher levels of education and higher incomes.

The government (whatever the political persuasion) spends ever increasing sums on fighting crime, drugs, etc and building more homes, many which would not be necessary if married couples were living together in one house, rather than requiring two houses. Family breakdown is very expensive for society and separation is far higher for cohabitees than those who are married.

We wrote to our MP for Ipswich, Tom Hunt (Conservative) very recently, sharing our views on the importance of marriage and asking that the Government do more to promote marriage.  We are aware that the Conservative government did restore the marriage tax allowance however much more could be done to recognise and promote the findings of research which provides the evidence that marriage is the best building block for society.

The Government in our view should be raising awareness of the benefits of marriage and the legal problems associated with cohabiting.

Why do politicians of all parties ignore the evidence?

If equal rights are given to those who are not prepared to commit to marriage it will undermine marriage.


July 2021