Written evidence from Rev Jess Stubenbord [HAB0152]

Should there be a legal definition of cohabitation and, if so, what should it be?

Unmarried” or “co-habitee”

If they choose not to marry, it is surely up to them, but there is no need to pretend through legislation that they are married. And there is no need to change the law, but rather to help people understand the benefits and privileges – as well as the responsibilities – that marriage brings.

Because they have opted not to be married, there are surely no special rights.

Possibly.  They will be the ones that suffer by the choices of their parents.

Responsibilities like getting married will bring certain privileges.  So no.  If they require more rights, why not take the step of getting married?


NB. Marriage is a gift from God and we are unwise not to choose it.

        History shows marriage has been a safeguard for the well- being of society.

July 2021