Written evidence submitted by the Rt Hon Baroness Butler-Sloss GBE


I have read the Report and the following are comments.

I have chaired two Select Committees and have been a member of several, all in the House of Lords. I am Chairman of a Statutory Committee, the Ecclesiastical Committee of both Houses.

I have no experience of recalcitrant witnesses, since I ceased to be a judge!

I agree with the conclusions of the Report and the option chosen.

It seems to be the appropriate solution

The maximum sanction should be similar to contempt of court.

I would not include other issues, however important, as they have the danger of slowing down or even frustrating the process of the Bill.

I would be opposed to having legislation to compel the attendance of a peer. If a peer unreasonably refuses to give evidence that should be dealt with as an issue of conduct and a matter of discipline by our House. It may be there should be discussions with our House as the best way to deal with the issue if it arises.


21 June 2021