Written evidence from Mr Bryan Mitchell [HAB0131]


The public commitment made in wedding vows gives families great stability as I have experienced in my own life, and that of others. Parliament should recognise and promote this, rather than undermine marriage by offering equivalent rights to those who choose not to be committed. To not commit is their free choice and suggests an unwillingness to accept personal responsibility, which a not desirable behaviour from a Government point of view.


Family breakdown is exceedingly expensive for society, costing the public purse we are told over £50bn each year. Family breakdown ruins the lives of children. This will only worsen if the special legal status of marriage is not maintained and promoted.


Creating another additional relationship status is completely unnecessary. Couples either choose to get married or not. Extending rights to an extra ‘cohabiting’ group undermines marriage and creates confusion. Legal marriage costs less than £100 and therefore cannot be made an excuse for cohabiting.


Comparing social life in Britain when marriage was the normal choice and with today’s situation in itself should draw Parliament back from the brink!


July 2021