Written evidence submitted by Dr Adrian Huxham [HAB0128]





My thoughts are Politicians should actively promote marriage, rather than find ways to bypass it.


Marriage, in one form or another, has been the bedrock of cohesive society since time immemorial.  To erode the importance of marriage is a significant step in the wrong direction.


The public commitment of marriage promotes stability for society and most importantly for the upbringing of children. That is why marriage has a particular legal status. It hugely benefits both adults and children and should be further encouraged and promoted.


Co-habitation is measurably more unstable than marriage. By the time they turn 5 years of age, 53% of children of cohabiting parents will have experienced their parents’ separation but this reduces to 15% for children of married parents.


Such a proposal is completely unnecessary as civil partnerships are already available.


Family breakdown is already costing the Exchequer £50bn pa. As stated earlier, history has conclusively shown that co-habitation is less permanent than marriage so this huge cost to the Exchequer will increase even further.


Married couples report healthier lifestyles and better health outcomes, with smoking and recreational drug usage much less common among married women than cohabitees. Men have better cardio-vascular health, better cancer survival rates, lower risk of depression and greater fulfilment in retirement.


Difficulties experienced by co-habitees are being overstated and can already be addressed by other means. Inheritance concerns can be arranged through a Will.


June 2021