Written evidence from Heidi Acland [HAB0108]


Marriage has been limping in this country for decades. The strong runner that has held couples, families and communities together for centuries,  is close to toppling over. 


Cohabiting is the Achilles heel of marriage. The final disability that will cause marriage to stagger to a stand still.


The primary issue is not whether cohabiting couples should be protected by law in any settlement but whether as a nation we would benefit from further weakening marriage


Every mans final authority is God, our living creator who defined marriage as the bedrock of the human race.


Whether you know God,  and understand the eternal consequences of heart felt obedience to his ways ( or conversely are in ignorant rebellion to them) I urge you i) strengthen the limbs running the marriage race,   ii) make it clear to cohabiting couples that our nation, in pursuit of stronger family life and communities,  will not pass laws that further disable the strength of marriage, a d undermine the God ordained fabric of community.


July 2021