Written evidence from Mr Sidney Cordle [HAB0097]

Should there be a legal definition of cohabitation and, if so, what should it be?  No there shouldn’t

What legislative changes, if any, are needed to better protect the rights of cohabiting partners in the event of death or separation? None

What equalities issues are raised by the lack of legal protection for those in cohabiting relationships? There aren’t any. People have a right to marry or not to marry as they wish

Should legal changes be made to better provide for the children of cohabiting partners? Both parents of any child should have access to the child irrespective of the marital arrangement of the parents. The non resident parent should still have financial obligations.

Should cohabiting partners have the same rights as those who are married or in a civil partnership? Absolutely not. Marriage is a commitment that all couples should be encouraged to make.  It is constantly being undermined by making it easy to get out of marriage so there is no reason for anyone not to get married.  If people chose not to marry then they will have a less stable relationship and it is more likely to break up and they know that. If you doubt that then please look at the research. There absolutely has to be a reward for marriage. Really only complete fools would want to undermine marriage or very evil people. Far left Communists tried this experiment in Romania where all children were put into orphanages and they ended up as street children with no-one caring for them. Marriage and the family in every bit of research done always has better outcomes so why promote something that has worse outcomes?  Only far left New Age liberals want to destroy marriage and the family but I guess there are some of them in Parliament.

Are there examples of good practice in relation to the rights of cohabiting partners in the UK or internationally that the Government should seek emulate in England and Wales? No but there are masses of bad examples where marriage is undermined.

July 2021