Written evidence submitted by Mr Aidan John German [HAB0080]


The Rights of Cohabiting Partners

As a Christian I know the place of marriage in society. It is a gift, designed by God, to enhance society and to provide a stable environment for the nurturing of children (i.e. following generations).

This is not the only way that society can operate, but it is the best as it is how life was designed to be.

Anything which denigrates or weakens the place of marriage within society is not helpful to a healthy society.

The recent proposals to allow co-habiting rights to be equivalent to those of marriage are both false and stupid plus they do nothing at all to improve society.  In fact, they diminish marriage and hence society.

Those who do not do everything they possibly can to promote marriage (and a lifelong commitment) do not have the best interests of society and hence whoever has drafted these proposals needs to take a look in the mirror.

We MUST do all we can to strengthen the place of marriage in our society so please abort these new proposals.

June 2021