Written evidence submitted by Mr Paul Nicholas [HAB0071]


I strongly oppose the proposal to give cohabiting couples the same or similar financial rights as those who are married.

This is for three principal reasons:

Marriage is the best framework we have, or will ever have, for the raising of grounded, happy and healthy children. The statistics overwhelmingly show that those who are brought up in stable two parent households do better. Marriage encourages couples to stick at it and result in far fewer break-ups than cohabitation.

It is an assault on freedom. Those who deliberately and specifically choose not to marry should not have it thrust upon them by the state. There will likely be confusion and disagreement about what even constitutes cohabitation between couples.

The issues this proposal seeks to address could be dealt with far better through an awareness campaign highlighting the benefits of marriage and the risks of cohabitation, rather than creating an unnecessary and confusing set of laws.

June 2021