Written evidence submitted by Stephen Lally [HAB0059]


Stable families are beneficial to society.  It is a statistical fact that marriage forms the best and most stable family with better outcomes for children and society.  Therefore marriage should be promoted and encouraged above other forms of partnership.

Marriage is a firm commitment.  It forces a person to stop, think and decide on a critical life choice, rather than just shack up, perhaps have children by accident and drift on.

Everybody has that choice and some choose not to take it.  By giving co-habiting people the same rights as married couples you would be promoting a second rate form of relationship, not encouraging the best form.  It may even be forcing rights upon them that they do not want or do not want their partner to have

The government is constantly encouraging people to take the best action.  They teach children to look both ways before crossing the road.  They encourage people to wear face masks to prevent infection.  So why not promote the best form of relationship.  Why help people to take a more risky route through life.

DO NOT give rights to people who have not chosen them and perhaps do not want them.

DO promote and encourage marriage which is the proven best lifestyle.  Educate people in its benefits, explain their options to allow them to make a better choice for themselves and their children

June 2021