Written evidence from Mr John Lazenby [HAB0055]



I am strongly opposed to the idea that anything needs to be done to correct a perceived problem in the lesser rights held by cohabiting partners over Married couples or partners to Civil Partnerships.


Fundamentally, my objections arise from a belief that politicians should promote marriage or civil partnerships, not find new ways to bypass them, because marriage and civil partnership better promote stability for society and for the upbringing of children and therefore greatly benefit both adults and children. The public commitment to Marriage and Civil Partnership have particular legal status and marriage involves long term commitment of the parties. If people freely choose not to make a long term commitment to each other, why should the law treat them the same as married persons? This smacks of the nanny state going overboard unnecessarily to accommodate a tiny minority constituency. Since they always have the alternative choice – to enter marriage or civil partnership – there is no equality issue.


In more detail:


July 2021