Written evidence from Dr Colin Anderson, American Chemet Corporation [HAB0049]


I wish to express my concern about changes to the law for co-habiting couples because it has the potential (ie unintended consequence) of undermining the importance of marriage in our society. 


My reasons for holding this view are as follows:

  1. There exist readily available and easily accessible legal means to protect the rights of individuals who co-habit, through writing of Wills, through civil partnerships, and through marriageOpting not to choose these should remain a free choice.
  2. Statistics show that co-habiting couples are far more likely to separate than are married couples, and this is particularly relevant for the safe and secure up-bringing of children.  Giving legal rights to co-habiting parents, without any commitment to stay together for the benefit of children, as in marriage, will result in even more family breakdown than we have now.
  3. My own experience with children of separated parents demonstrates how horrible it is for children when their parents fall-out and fight, and it makes all concerned miserable.  This is not good for the long-term health of our society.


June 2021