Written evidence from Mr Phil Glass [HAB0032]


Please carefully consider the proposal to give cohabiting persons the same rights as married couples. This is a dangerous and foolish move that will further undermine the sanctity of marriage in the UK, which has proved over centuries to be by far the most stable environment in which to raise a family.


Indeed cohabiting is generally adopted to avoid the expense of marriage, and allows either person to ‘walk away’ without obligation to continue providing for the children.

And this can occur on a whim, for instance after a row or if one partner takes a fancy to another person, without feeling the shame of adultery in leaving the cohabiting ‘spouse’. Effectively a divorce without cost – except the huge emotional and psychological cost to any children.


Every effort should be made to encourage and support proper marriage, which can actually be achieved without huge cost - with a simpler reception and perhaps use of a registry office facility instead of church.


June 2021