Written evidence from Rev Oliver Bayley [HAB0025]




1 Constitutionally this country is Christian-based and Christian-shaped.


2 We have a Christian monarch who has taken the Coronation Oath.


3 Members of Parliament, Government Ministers and all others in public office, serve under the authority of the Crown, and the Crown in turn rests under the authority of Almighty God.


4 Her Majesty the Queen, along with all those who, in whatever capacity, serve on her behalf and under her authority, will be held accountable before Almighty God regarding their allegiance or otherwise to that Coronation Oath.


5 Thus all government policy should remain in line with biblical principles and precedents.


6 Biblical marriage is God-given and God-required, (involving of course a man and a woman despite what arrogant politicians have brought in), so as to create a stable basis for the home, family and community, with responsible, God-fearing parenting and the raising of children in the right, God-fearing paths.


6 Any government action that weakens biblical marriage is therefore to be avoided, and any government action that enhances biblical marriage is to be applauded.


7 These proposals regarding cohabiting couples weaken marriage, and will grant cohabitation an equal status with marriage in the public eye. They are thus wrong and should be withdrawn.


8 Enough damage has been done already by trendy politicians to the Christian backbone of our society, as any glance at the numerous social problems now in our midst will demonstrate. It is high time that basic biblical sense should start to enter the public arena once again.


9 The Holy Bible is still true, despite being brushed aside. The Holy Bible is still “God’s Word”, despite being a nuisance for 21st century politicians. To flout the Bible is wrong, and is as foolish as ever.


July 2021