Written evidence from Mr Robin Giles [HAB0023]


Traditional marriage of one man to one woman has proven to be the bedrock of a stable family life although as we now this union does break down in many cases however when committing yourself to another for life this is a life contract which must be thought through as it means commitment that ideally would be enduring. In particular when children arrive within this family unit it is likely that evidence will in many cases show that they will grow into stable and responsible adults. Too much in our society the emphasis is on rights and not responsibilities; we all should bear in mind that in a democracy that we must all contribute and not look to receive. Marriage fulfils that goal.

When considering the desire to co-habit this decision is often for short term gain with no thought given to a lifelong partnership and in these circumstances with no commitment no responsibility is embraced and so why if no thought is given to any commitment should co-habiting couples have the same rights as married couples; to get married is a decision that has to be thought through and in doing so many of the outcomes would be anticipated. This includes when one partner becomes ill and her or his spouse then would be the lifelong carer.

Being responsible for the decisions in life often is avoided when marriage is circumvented.


July 2021