Written evidence submitted by Mike Haville (Director at ITP Sales Ltd)



HS2 Property Costs


I write to you to bring to your notice what I consider is deception on property costs by HS2 Ltd / DfT


In the June 10 2020 letter from Bernadette Kelly, it said they had spent £3,300bn & at the Commons PAC meeting & that they had "taken possession" of 75% of the land. (49.5sq.km out 70 sq.km).

They were careful with their words, they did not say ‘completed’, they said ‘taken possession’, which does not mean they have paid for it.

Taken against above, please note the FOI request by Joe Rukin (see link below) which shows that 7,617 parcels of land are permanently required for phase 1 & out of that number only 3,310 (43%) have been completed. This leaves 4,307 purchases to be completed before HS2 Ltd loses its Compulsory Purchase powers on Feb 23 2022, which is only 8 months away.


HS2 Ltd has already committed £3,300mn to property purchase & requested a CPO extension (denied) as it is believed that :-

a)     They have not got the capability to process 4,307 CPO's in 8 months

b)     The £5bn phase 1 property budget does not cover the remaining unpurchased properties & HS2 Ltd wanted to extend the CPO window, so that they
can hide the deficit in their property budget for a few more years.


This delay should be questioned as it would seem to leave 4,307 property owners in a continuing state of limbo, which has already lasted 10 years.


Also it has come to light that HS2 Ltd seem to have made no provision for the land purchase for 50 power supply substations, which will be sited
outside the CPO track boundary & also no wayleave costs for the power cables from National Grid to those substations.


June 2021