OECD – written evidence (FGU0050)


House of Lords Constitution Committee

Inquiry into the Future Governance of the UK



Many congratulations on establishing such an important and demanding inquiry. Given the nature of such a significant topic and its implications for all UK citizens, please have with our compliments the attached PDF copy of the OECD’s comprehensive study that provides evidence of almost 300 examples of public authorities involving citizens in complex public decisions: Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions: Catching the Deliberative Wave (2020). The report focuses on deliberative processes, like Citizens’ Assemblies and Panels, which bring together a broad cross-section of society to hear evidence, deliberate, and formulate collective, informed recommendations for policy makers. These processes are particularly helpful to decision makers on questions that concern values, on complex problems that require trade-offs, and on long-term decisions – all three characteristics being present in the issue of a nation’s future governance.


We hope this OECD evidence might aid your considerations of how to involve citizens in a way that would be meaningful and would result in citizens’ informed contributions. As the lead author of this report, I would be happy to be called to give evidence or to answer any questions if that would be helpful.


April 2021