Supplementary written evidence from the Automobile Association (RSM0117)


What percentage of your own people and contractors do you send out on motorways in daytime or at night?


The figures below give an average over 2019 & 2020


-         Approx. 3% of all our breakdowns are on motorways

-         AA patrols were sent to 58% and garage contractors sent to 42% of motorway tasks

-         During the day (between 8am and 6pm), AA patrols dealt with 62% and garage contractors were sent to 38% of motorway tasks

-         At night contractors were sent to approx. half of motorway tasks

-         28% of motorway tasks happen at night.


In terms of total breakdowns, the garages attend less than 10% during the day and around 30% at night.  The number of jobs we have during the night means that it’s not always viable for use a yellow AA resource.


We have the largest dedicated recovery fleet of the breakdown providers.


International experience


A question was asked about known international experience and only a partial answer given.


Other countries that have motorways akin to ‘smart motorways’ have ERAs at closer distances apart than in the UK.


Holland – ERAs at 1km max

Germany – ERAs no more than 1km and less if possible.

Australia – ERAs at 500m and up to a maximum of 1km.


(source: research from )


Technical questions about SVD


Mr King referred to a submission to the committee from Chartered Engineer, Alan Hames, highlighting various concerns about SVD and some articles in Highways magazine.

Highways Magazine - smart motorways



June 2021